Evaluating A Dog Grooming Business

What are your grooming goals - a well-trimmed family dog or preparing a dog for conformation showing? Finding a talented show groomer may be much more difficult than finding a wonderful groomer who specializes in fabulous cuts for pet dogs. If you are looking for a show groomer, contact your breeder or breed club for recommendations.

The internet and phonebook can be helpful in locating a dog groomer, but even better is a satisfied friend or trusted professional's reference.

Ask your vet, trainer, breeder or rescue organization, and friends if they can recommend any good groomers in your area.

Also ask about typical rates for services in your area.

(Prices may vary depending upon a dog's breed, special health, behaviour, or grooming situations, type of products used, etc.)

Prepare a list of questions (some are suggested below), and begin interviewing!

•     How long have you been in business?

•     How did you learn to groom?

•     Has an animal ever been injured in your care?

•     What experience do you have grooming dogs of this breed?

•     What qualifications do you hold?  

•     May I see any certificates that you have?

•     Can you provide references from other area pet professionals (vets, trainers, etc.) and from clients?

•     Do you comply with any of the standards in grooming/grooming salons/mobiles set out by NSW and other states?

                      (NB. Queensland does not have any standards in place at the present time.)

If your pet has special coat and grooming requirements, health or behavioural problems (hot spots, existing fear of groomer, corded coats, mange, severe/extensive matting, need for anal gland expression, separation anxiety, ear plucking, fear biting during nail clipping, etc.), ask what type of experience the groomer has working with animals with the same needs.

Check with the Better Business Bureau to make sure the company has no complaints on file; and make sure that they carry an active insurance policy. If all that checks out, schedule a visit to the facility.

The facility should be clean, well-lit, and inviting. Do the dogs look happy and well cared for? Is the staff friendly and helpful?

If you feel good about a potential dog groomer, schedule an appointment. If you are uncomfortable leaving your dog alone the first time, ask if you can attend during the grooming - this is a valuable training opportunity for you to teach your dog that the groomer's can be a great experience with lots of yummy treats! If the groomer refuses, look elsewhere for services.

Whomever you choose as your groomer should recommend dog grooming tools and supplies to help you maintain the dog's coat and good condition in between grooming visits.